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Wasting disease is spreading—now also in California

Wasting disease is spreading—now also in California

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Wasting disease is widespread among wild deer and domestic livestock in the United States.

CWD wasting disease is affecting more and more deer in North America. In May, it was found that deer in California were also affected.

CWD is found in the United States and Canadian provinces. Among freely grazing deer, 34 states and four provinces are affected, and among farm animals, 19 states and three provinces are affected. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, AVMA.

Active map

The organization has published an active map where you can see where CWD was present in 2000 and how the disease has increased over the years in already established areas and also spread to new areas.

According to the AVMA, hunters do not take adequate care when handling dead animals infected with CWD. Even veterinarians must realize the importance of biosecurity when dealing with farmed animals.

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There is still no evidence that humans can contract this disease, even by consuming CWD meat.

Attempts have been made to allow CWD prions to come into contact with human tissue, but the disease has not been transmitted to humans.

More money

But the USDA wants to devote more money to researching whether this wasting disease could affect humans.

Tanya Espinoza, who works in public affairs at the USDA, believes not enough money is being allocated.