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Wales outraged when Denmark was allowed to get supporters in Amsterdam

Wales outraged when Denmark was allowed to get supporters in Amsterdam

Swedish fans are barred from entering Glasgow to support Sweden when Ukraine awaits in the European Championship quarter-finals on Tuesday, but blue and yellow fans are not the only ones suffering from travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

Wales fans are not allowed to travel to the Netherlands to support their national team when Denmark awaits in the Round of 16 at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. This is because the Netherlands does not classify the UK as a safe country from an infection perspective.

in the Netherlands for twelve hours

Denmark doesn’t do that either, but the Danes found a loophole. If red and white supporters stay in the Netherlands for a maximum of 12 hours, they can watch the Round of 16 immediately.

– You can go to football, but you should plan your trip carefully so as not to risk being quarantined in a hotel, Eric Bruger, director of the Foreign Ministry’s Citizens Service, said earlier this week, according to news agency Riesau.

The stadium in Amsterdam will seat about 16,000 spectators – about a third of the capacity – and more than 4,400 of them will be Danes. In addition to the quota allotted to them, the Danes bought a large part of the tickets sold by UEFA (European Football Association).

In addition, Denmark received return tickets from other nationalities – that is, also Welsh tickets.

“It’s very sad that we didn’t know this at the start of this tournament,” Vince Alm, president of the Wales Supporters’ Association, told BBC Wales.

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The Danes gave wings

He thinks it would be purely mathematical unfair.

– I think UEFA should have looked at the different arenas and made sure they were on an equal footing, says Vince Alm.

The Danish national team has already had a lot of support in their matches. Denmark played all three group matches at home in Parken in Copenhagen.

– I was very happy with this support and I know it helped give us wings, says national team captain Kasper Hjolmand.

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