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Historic Swedish elections - double flag bearers

Historic Swedish elections – double flag bearers

At the 1906 Athens Olympics, athlete Bruno Söderström became the first ever flag bearer of Sweden. In Seoul in 1988, boatwoman Agneta Andersson became the first Swedish woman to carry the Swedish flag at the Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

In Tokyo, you will write a new story.

For the first time ever, Sweden will have two flag bearers, a man and a woman.

It has been evident for several years, but has never been described before, says SOK Media Director Lars Markusson.

Historic Swedish Olympic Elections – Double Flag Bearers

The initiative with dual flag bearers is part of the IOC’s equality initiative. Last year, the International Olympic Committee changed its rules Then they began to allow, and even encourage, countries to have a flag bearer of every gender.

The UK was abroad early on and announced that it intended to use two and now Sweden will do the same.

His identity will be revealed on July 21, two days before the Olympic bid.

The women who carried the Swedish flag at the Summer Olympics

1988 in Seoul: Agneta Andersson, The Canoe

2000 in Sydney: Anna Olson, canoe

2016 in Rio de Janeiro: Therese Fennel, swimming

However, it does not appear that there will be a swimmer or footballer carrying the flag for the Swedish part. According to SVT, the Olympic opening will not take place.

We haven’t received any information on what applies to the Olympic opening, but it’s still not fun because almost everyone starts swimming the next day, national swimming captain Ulrika Sandmark tells SVT.

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– It’s not worth it. Partly it takes a lot of energy, and partly in this situation when everything else is so strict I don’t think it feels smart.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics will be held on July 23, at 1 pm Swedish time.

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He must be the one who has succeeded in the previous matches, says Lars Markusson.

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