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Vinted customers in Lithuania will be able to trade with another country –

Vinted customers in Lithuania will be able to trade with another country –

Lithuania's first “unicorn,” online platform for cross-selling used clothes Vinted, will allow users in Lithuania to trade with platform members in Finland starting November 30, the company informed its clients on Tuesday.

“Starting November 30, you will have the opportunity to trade with Vinted members in Finland. This means you will have the opportunity to look at more wardrobes, and more buyers will be able to buy from you! Vinted said in a message to platform users.

Vinted representative Martinas Basiliauskas confirmed this information to BNS, but promised to provide a more detailed comment later.

According to Vinted, its platform launched in Finland on Thursday, November 9.

By creating an opportunity for platform members in Lithuania and Finland to trade with each other, Vinted wants to provide more opportunities for members trading in these countries to discover and sell items that deserve a second life. Vinted members in Finland will also be able to trade with members in Denmark and Sweden, Vinted said in a comment to BNS on Tuesday.

Finland will be the second country that Lithuanian clients can trade with – from May 2022 they can trade with members in Poland.

Vinted currently operates in 16 markets: Lithuania, UK, Canada, France, Germany, USA (JAV), Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg.

In 2019, Vinted became the first Lithuanian “unicorn” – a highly successful startup valued at over $1 billion.

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