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Video showing how teenage boy in Chicago is killed by a bullet, sparking new anti-police rage |  Foreigner

Video showing how teenage boy in Chicago is killed by a bullet, sparking new anti-police rage | Foreigner

In the United States, the mayor of Chicago has called for calm regarding the authorities Post a video It shows a fatal shooting at a teenage boy.

13-year-old Adam Toledo, of Mexican descent, was shot dead by police in an alley in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood on March 29.

Yesterday, Thursday, a police unit released a nine-minute video of the fatal shooting by investigating suspected police violence.

The video, shot with a police body camera, shows a police officer getting out of his car and chasing the boy down the alley.

In the video, the policemen were heard shouting “Stop,” the boy then stopped and looked to reach out in the air before the police shot him.

It is unclear if Toledo carried a firearm

According to police, Toledo was carrying a firearm, but it was unclear if he was still carrying the weapon when shot.

New Turk Times He writes that attorney Adina Weiss-Ortiz, who represents the Toledo family, says Toledo was not carrying a firearm at this point.

– He threw the gun. If he had a gun, he would shoot it. The police chief ordered him to raise his hands, and he obeyed and turned.

According to the police, a firearm was found close to the boy’s body after that.

The mayor urges calm

With the release of the video, internal tensions are expected to increase in the United States.

It has already sparked protests in Chicago and authorities are now wary of their escalation.

Before the clip was published, Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot called on to remain calm while awaiting the investigation.

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– I appeal to all residents who love and care about our city: Let us be calm and wait until we have all the facts about what happened, said Lightfoot in a word.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, protests against police violence continued for nearly a week, after a black man, 20-year-old Don Wright, Killed in police intervention.

Sources: Reuters and The New York Times