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Valheim Developers Hearth and Home Talk Virtual Campfires

Valheim Developers Hearth and Home Talk Virtual Campfires

The first major update is getting close to magical steps.

Josephine Berntson, Richard Svenson and Robin Eyre of Iron Gate gathered yesterday around a virtual campfire to talk a little bit about the upcoming update. hearth and home to me Walheim. They say, among other things, that the update was initially not intended to be particularly large, but became a snowball effect once it started. At the same time, they indicated that it will remain the same Walheim And that some may not notice the differences much.

But there will of course be some tangible new additions, like house parts, food and maybe some weapons and one or more skills. Moreover, the interface and map have been given a try, and there will also be more setup options. However, as the name suggests, the focus is on the hearth and the home, so those who want more adventures in the wide world may have to wait longer for this update. So much has to do with food and expanding this system to provide more choices, they no longer have clear dishes that are categorically better.

One of the questions they say they often get is whether the existing worlds will be deleted or if you have to start over from scratch with the update. The answer is that you will most likely be able to continue playing without issues, just as with minor updates. Already explored areas of the world will not get the new things added, but for this you have to go to unexplored places.

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hearth and home It will be released on September 16, now on Thursday.