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The new trailer shows what DLC Far Cry 6 will get after release

The new trailer shows what DLC Far Cry 6 will get after release

From Danny Trejo to Stranger Things.

Far Cry 6 It won’t just be Free To upgrade from the last generation to the new consoles, but you will also get a lot of material after the release, even if not everything is free. Exactly what we should be looking forward to, they pass in a new trailer, as you can see above.

First, there are three new missions with different guest appearances. The first story is about actor Danny Trejo who wants to deliver tacos to the people of Yarra. In the second, a huge fan of Rambo who decides to take on Yara’s army; The third and final mission is to intersect with Stranger Things, where nothing but Chorizo ​​dachshund has disappeared!

This is supplemented by six special operations where we will steal bombs and in various ways we keep them quiet until we reach the destination, as well as weekly mutinies, where each week we will search for and defeat the supporters of the dictator Anton Castillo.

The above items are free, but the game also has a Season Pass. It mainly includes three DLCs as we take on the role of three classics far cryBad guys: Fez, Pagan Maine and Joseph Seid. It all takes place in their minds and has the concept of a roguelite where we are expected to die countless times, but also collect resources that we can use to upgrade ourselves.

When everything is released, as you can see below, and the game itself will be on October 7.