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Vaccination against covid-19 can start already in December

Germany and the UK can start vaccinating against covid-19 as early as December.

If that happens, Sweden should be able to start at the same time, according to vaccination coordinator Richard Bergstrom.

– The first vaccine to come to all countries of the European Union goes.

By mid-December, Germany expects to have set up hundreds of vaccination clinics to be able to start vaccinating against COVID-19.

Clinics must be located in all 16 federal states. to me world on sunday It may be appropriate to use large exhibition halls, as well as mobile units.

also in United kingdom There is information that vaccination can begin in December.

Swedish Vaccine Coordinator Richard Bergstrom It is accessed through the reports and is interpreted to mean that countries want to be prepared when there is an acute situation.

– The President of the European Commission said that we can expect approval before Christmas. He says I’m not sure it’s totally realistic but it’s not impossible either.

The European Union is coordinated

The first vaccine, provided it is approved, comes in very small quantities. Bergstrom previously said Sweden would not receive the vaccine until January.

Do you see any danger that Sweden will fall behind?

– No. The UK has its own procedures and it is possible that they can get them early. But within the European Union, we have coordination.

So if Germany advances earlier, will Sweden have it, too?

– Yes, that’s the layout. But then in very small sizes. The important thing is that the organization in the country, which will vaccinate several million people, has been ready since the beginning of January. If there is a vaccine early on, we will have a solution for that. I’m not too worried about that.

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Vaccinate all the priorities this spring

Sweden is entitled to 2% of the vaccine purchased by the European Union in the first agreement. This means 4 million doses are enough to vaccinate 2 million Swedes.

And as of April, two more vaccines will come, according to plan.

– As it now appears, we will be able to vaccinate all priority groups this spring, says Richard Bergstrom.

Stefan Lofven and Swedish vaccine coordinator Richard Bergstrom during a press conference.

picture: Anders Weklund / TT

Do you see any risks of a fight over the vaccine? Which area should you get first and how do you deal with distribution?

– I do not coordinate inside Sweden, my job is to get a vaccination in the country. But within the European Union, it is clear that everyone gets it at the same time and according to the population. There is no hint one should have before others. It is very different compared to this spring’s protective gear. There are fewer suppliers, there are large companies, and strong regulatory oversight. I think the EU cooperation will work very well.

Forced to prioritize

The Swedish Public Health Agency is working with the regions to plan how the vaccine will be distributed in Sweden. General Manager Johan Karlsson recently stated that Sweden faces significant challenges in this work:

We will have to prioritize, depending on access to vaccines and what we will know about the effectiveness of the different groups. Priority groups are the permanent, the elderly and others at risk due to the underlying disease. Then healthcare and healthcare workers become relevant.

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