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Use certain Netatmo products with Somfy TaHoma

Use certain Netatmo products with Somfy TaHoma

Two French companies are teaming up to improve indoor air. It is Somfy that can now use Netatmo products to control motorized sunshades.

French company Somfy has just released an update To its TaHoma by Somfy application, which ensures that Netatmo products can be used to activate sunshades containing Somfy motors.

Compliance applies to air quality monitoring products Plus a Netatmo weather station that can be used with the “Thermal Comfort” scene in the Somfy TaHoma app. The goal is to improve indoor air with the help of each other’s products.

Based on values ​​measured by Netatmo products They can be used to activate Somfy motorized sunshades so the indoor air is better. This occurs primarily by extending sun shades and blocking sunlight, which means a cooler home. An added benefit is that a cooler home also means you don’t have to turn on the air conditioning when you get home from work, which can reduce energy costs. In winter, it’s the opposite, when sunlight is allowed in to warm the house, which means lower heating costs.

Collaboration also means automated windows The Velux can now be opened to vent bad air if this is measured in the home. Fresh air in the home means that pollutants found indoors are vented out.

source: Clear weather

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