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USA unbeatable in long relay – Sports –

USA unbeatable in long relay – Sports –

For the sixth time in a row, the gold medal in the men’s long relay went to the United States of America. LaShawn Merritt led the team to the gold medal ahead of Trinidad and Tobago.

The great dominance of the United States in the men’s long relay continued in Beijing. The last time the United States did not win this relay was in Paris 2003 when France was at its strongest.

David Verburg, Tony McQuay, Bryshon Nelum and LaShawn Merritt were part of the team and it was Merritt who decided in favor of the Americans in the final stage.

Merritt sprinted past Machel Cedeño of Trinidad and Tobago and the United States eventually won the gold medal by 38 one-hundredths.

Behind the USA and Trinidad and Tobago, Great Britain and Jamaica fought hard for the bronze medal. The image of the goal had to be decided and Great Britain were adjudged bronze medalists at the same time as Jamaica won.

Jamaica is the strongest on the women’s side

In the women’s relay race, Jamaican Novlyn Williams-Mills defeated American broadcaster Francina McCorory.

In addition to Williams Mills, the gold team also included Kristen Dae, Sherica Jackson, and Stephanie Ann McPherson.

The bronze medal in the women’s long relay went to Great Britain.



1. United States of America 2.57.82
2. Trinidad and Tobago 2.58.20
3. Great Britain 2.58.51
4. Jamaica 2.58.51
5. Belgium 3.00,24
6. France 3.00.65
7. Cuba 3.03,05
8. Russia 3.03.05

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1. Jamaica 3.19,13
2. United States of America 3.19,44
3. Great Britain 3.23.62
4. Russia 3.24.84
5. Nigeria 3.25,11
6. Ukraine 3.25.94
7. France 3.26.45
8. Canada 3.27.69