As previously reported by Läkartidningen, there is currently a difficult childcare situation in several parts of the country. The reason is the continuing epidemic of the RS virus among children.

One of the areas where the situation is tense is the Uppsala region. The district is now toughening its recommendations for keeping young children at home.

We recommend that children under six months of age be kept at home as much as possible, preferably also older siblings, who would otherwise be in a preschool. Avoid social contexts in which young children participate, such as open preschool. Families with young children should continue to act as they did during the Covid-19 epidemic: spend time with the nearest circle, keep as much distance as possible, wash their hands often and sneeze into the armpits, says Johann Nod, an infection control doctor in the area. press release.

Michael Koehler, director of health and medical care for the region, said: today’s news Nine young children are currently in intensive care. A total of 15 patients required hospital care because they had RS.

– I’ve never seen so many children enter Eva before, Michael Koehler tells the newspaper.

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