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Unqualified dentists allowed to continue working for years

Unqualified dentists allowed to continue working for years

It has become common for dentists to have their licenses revoked, with 20 cases reported in 2022. In some of these cases, dentists were able to continue working for several years before their licenses were revoked.

Among those treated by the Stockholm dentist during his investigation was “Sarah”, who had major problems after the dentist placed veneers on her front teeth.

Treatment should never be carried out according to the Evo Care and Welfare Inspectorate. Among other things, healthy teeth have been ground down so that they need a root canal.

“His job meant he was supposed to care, not hurt,” Sarah says. “It was like we were lab rats.”

When I started going to the dentist in 2020, Ivo was already investigating him, who had received a tip the previous year that the man had been sentenced to five and a half years in prison in Great Britain for working under a false identity and injuring five patients.

Three years of investigation

But it took more than a year for Ivo to compile and translate the judgment before reporting it to HSAN, the Health and Healthcare Accountability Council.

– In this case we could have obtained the verdict at an earlier stage. But we also looked at the professional from the perspective of incompetence and therefore needed a dental assessment, says Marie Aberg, head of department at Evo.

Even at HSAN, it took some time. It was only in May 2022 that the dentist’s licence was revoked when he was deemed clearly unfit – nearly three years after Ivo’s first advice.

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IVO sees risks to patient safety

Ivo could have requested an interim decision from HSAN not to allow the dentist to work during the investigation, but this was not done.

Ivo acknowledges that investigations take a long time, which poses risks to patient safety.

“We are reviewing our working methods and making it a priority in our business plan,” says Marie Aberg, Evo.

The former dentist did not want to comment on the criticism.

– I have no comments, I have nothing to do with the profession anymore, he tells SVT Nyheter.