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United Kingdom, “On the Path to Freedom to Return”

As everyone was imprisoned, he relaxed and in a short time saw the strong impact it had on the epidemic curve. Lesson learned The United Kingdom adopted a long-term strategy that mitigated Govt-19 and gradually resumed day-to-day operations.

Like other planets surprised by the powerful outbreak of the corona virus, the British government accepted the health guidelines issued by world authorities, especially a year ago – due to these calendars – which were one of the countries of the old continent with the highest number of infections and deaths from the disease.

Along with preventive measures, including research on victims and encouraging scientists to develop vaccines, Prime Minister Boris Johnson defined strategies and strategies for dealing with health emergencies caused by the virus.

Tactically, the measures to be taken to achieve a goal (win the war against the corona virus), he gave priority to preventive measures. About the strategy, that is, the global plan that summarizes all the actions that need to be taken, it defined two fronts: the re-opening phases after assessing the epidemiological conditions and the rapid vaccination plan, once they have been developed and approved. One of them, one of them was developed by the University of Oxford and the Swedish laboratory Astrogeneka.

On March 24, 2019, with medical-scientific evidence that the National Health Organization was overflowing due to an increase in cases, Johnson ordered the first compulsory isolation throughout the United Kingdom, which he opposed and was forced to use as a mask. Three days later, the Prime Minister conducts a positive test for Kovit, which takes him to the hospital, where he recovers and intensifies his health program.

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Since then the country has experienced three isolations (from March, November and January this year) and a partial relaxation in December. However, at the start of the annual festivities and vaccination (December 8), there was a general relaxation, which led to a rise in figures in January, from 12,000 in two weeks to 25,000 a day. He then returned to the harsh prison.

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It, like the accelerated vaccine campaign, not only became the maker of the biological astrogenica, but also, thanks to the pre-negotiation of several volumes of people from Fischer, was able to immunize 60% of its adults by the end of this March. . It is worth noting that this has made a difference in terms of the use of the second dose, which after the first three months, is different from the rest of the world.

In parallel, English health officials strictly monitored and recovered patients who were not vaccinated and vaccinated, which shows very encouraging data.

According to a review by the BBC Portal, in Scotland, after four weeks of vaccination with the first dose, the risk of hospitalization was reduced by 81% and this percentage increased slightly if the data of younger people were analyzed.

Earlier this month, one of the research leaders, Aziz Shaikh, said the results were “very, very interesting” and that both the Pfizer and Astrogenega vaccines were working “spectacularly”.

In the UK, on ​​the other hand, researchers also looked at whether vaccinated people became ill, were hospitalized, or died two weeks after receiving, in this case, the Pfizer vaccine. Analyzes concluded that symptomatic infections were reduced by 57%, hospital admission was reduced by 40%, and hospital risk of death was reduced by 56%.

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The aforementioned information portal says that researchers are investigating whether the vaccine, one of the key unknowns, has reduced the spread of the virus. To do this, diagnostic tests were performed once every two weeks to determine if health workers were experiencing symptoms, and the results showed that the risk of infection was reduced by 70%.

Another piece of data showing that Johnson’s health plan is working is that this March 28 – London, the city most affected by the corona virus – for the second time this year – recorded no deaths from the virus-causing disease.

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These figures are also encouraging because they are known Since the beginning of this year, the United Kingdom has faced a new variant of the virus that is considered to be 70% more contagious, having been found in travelers coming from Brazil in the south of the country. Hence it is called the Brazilian strain.

El Plan Johnson

It was because of the onset of this variation and the relaxation of the December holidays that the third wave of the epidemic began in the country and this led to the ordering of the third severe national isolation that appeared in the Johnson program. On this occasion he had the political support of the opposition.

With almost all operations closed, the government extended the long-running social assistance ($ 3,400 per person) and insisted that citizens comply with self-defense and life-saving measures in the short term. , To gradually make more flexible controls, which began this March, after evaluating the behavior of the infection.

At the end of February, Prime Minister Johnson presented his reopening schedule to the nation, which gradually expanded the prison into several phases (with a weekly interval between each) beginning March 8. The reason for the unforeseen event or forced labor should end on June 21st, although it makes clear that it takes months to achieve the normal pre-existing disease.

In this way, on March 8, schools in the UK reopened their doors and resumed the educational presence by forcing masks on middle school students and from a distance of one meter between desks.

Earlier this week he raised the ‘stay at home’ line, recognizing gatherings of up to six people in open spaces such as private parks or gardens, as well as reopening golf, tennis and outdoor swimming pools despite the low temperature of the water. .

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The next step will be taken this April 12, when the essential shops, gyms, hairdresser, bar and restaurant exteriors, with the doors closed from October, can reopen. As well as returning to offer their services from May 17 in conjunction with museums, cinemas, hotels, shows and sporting events. It is planned to lift the ban on foreign travel for this last day.

Finally, on June 21, it is planned to remove all legal restrictions on social interaction and reopen closed sectors of the economy, such as dance halls and nightlife.

The British government is adamant in pointing out that compliance with the schedule depends on the behavior of the virus, the progress of vaccinations and the respect of citizens for the measures, which is why it stressed not to rest too much. “We don’t want to pay back a lock with severe economic and psychological consequences,” Johnson said this week.

At the same time, the Prime Minister plans that after July 31, the first vaccine will not be available to all adults. To this end, 17 million doses of Moderna are expected to arrive this month, and a deal has been finalized to compile the biological material developed by NovaVox.

The UK closed this March with 4,052 new daily cases and 43 deaths, for a total of 4,345,788 and 127,713. Although they are in high numbers, they are not only much lower than those recorded in the second half of January, they are in a significant decline.

All this shows that the strategy followed in the United Kingdom is slowly and surely working and progressing, as defined by the English Prime Minister, on the “path to independence”.