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United Kingdom: Govt-19 infection of Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew was not there when the royal family arrived from the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday, the start of the anniversary. Andrew, 62, is no longer a “working member” of the royal family. However, he attended a Mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday, but did not attend official events.

According to Sky News Prince Andrew met the 96-year-old queen a few days ago.

In a scandal surrounding billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew was accused of sexually abusing then-17-year-old Virginia Gufrey. Andrew, who denies the allegations, has compromised in the face of threats of legal action in the United States.

Queen Elizabeth is celebrated in four days.

Queen Elizabeth is celebrated in four days.

Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP

week end The Queen will be honored with grand parades, ceremonies and a concert with 100,000 spectators. Many Britons follow the celebration in front of the TV or at organized street parties across the country.

Elizabeth II is the head of state for the 16 independent nations and their possessions. Today, power over the Commonwealth is only symbolic, but when he took office, the British Empire was more realistic.

During the Queen’s four – day celebration, the BBC reported that Prince Harry and Megan were urged to “keep a low profile” so as not to obscure the anniversary.

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