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Sir Andrew Parker is often called the “safest pair of hands” in the world. United Kingdom. During his seven years as director-general of MI5, the head of intelligence, he faced the 2017 terrorist attacks and the poisoning of two Russian citizens in Salisbury a year later. He previously led the agency’s response to the London attacks in 2005, and his team succeeded in thwarting an attempt to detonate explosives hidden in several Al Qaeda planes’ drink bottles.

But until recently something The UK’s highest ranking spy Now you have to deal with different bombs.

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From this Thursday, Parker will officially be the new Lord Chamberlain, The meeting that makes it The highest official of the British Royal House And in charge of managing the affairs of the Windsors, from the most trivial to the thorny. In his urgent missions, Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, are no doubt dealing with corruption as protagonists.

It was only in early February that Queen Elizabeth II announced the appointment Sir Andrew Parker Lord Chamberlain replaces Sir Earl Peel, who will retire on March 31. According to the Spanish newspaper ““Although the profile of the chosen one was surprising, some observers applauded the decision.”Because No one like him knows the secrets of the royal family and surroundings. The Queen has known her new servant for a long time, among them Illustrates its option”.

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Megan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry.  (Photo: AFP | Ben Stansol)
Megan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry. (Photo: AFP | Ben Stansol)

On February 25, 2020, the Queen visited MI5 headquarters in central London and had Parker as her host. that day, The then Director General and the head of MI5 were the king’s mentors During a tour of the agency’s private museum, he was shown a variety of artifacts related to secret agents that helped fool the Nazis about where D-Day landed during World War II.

I would like to take my visit here today as an opportunity to thank you for your tireless work to keep our country safe. […] Because of the nature of their work, they have no public recognition, so on behalf of the country I say to everyone, thank you”, Isabel II said during her visit, in which she appeared before the press Sir Andrew Parker.

“Strategic and Tactical Thinking”

Andrew Parker He was educated at a school in Newcastle before studying natural sciences at the University of Cambridge. Joined MI5 in 1983 And, after outstanding performance in preventing national security incidents, In 2007 he was promoted to Deputy General Manager. As its designation The maximum head of the agency arrived in April 2013.

New Officer of the Government House He retired from his post at MI5 in April last year. At the time, he said in an interview that the crisis caused by COVID-19 could force ministers to “fix” public spending, which could in the future take money from areas such as spy agencies.

However, He stressed that MI5 was able to continue its mission during the epidemic shutdown, Potential threats to the country are also subject to restrictions.

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During a visit to the Queen's 2020 MI5 headquarters, Parker displayed a variety of artifacts related to the secret agents who helped fool the Nazis about where D-Day would land during World War II.  (Photo: AFP)
During a visit to the Queen’s 2020 MI5 headquarters, Parker displayed a variety of artifacts related to the secret agents who helped fool the Nazis about where D-Day would land during World War II. (Photo: AFP)

Not much is known about his personal life. He is married and has two children. What else, An avid hobbyist ornithologist Enjoy bird watching in the Minsmere Nature Reserve in Saffolk, where he spends his leisure time. So it is not surprising that he chose for himself the title of Baron Parker de Minsmeier.

Quoting someone who worked closely with him in the British daily MI5”, Highlights Lord Parker’s ability to think “strategically” and “tactically”.

Leaks come from an environment where lives are lost, so you expect a more professional approach. This is a guy who can be seen in the corners […] It does not easily express its character. He is not someone who feels very friendly to you, but he is someone who makes you feel very safe.Evidence said about Andrew Parker.

A powerful position

The new Lord is ashes, Sir Andrew Parker will ensure the proper functioning of every department of the Royal House.

“El Boss” illustrates it His homework Is Help communicate between the Queen and Parliament And, at the same time, Ensure integration between Buckingham Palace and Clarence House, Where the offices of the Prince of Wales are located.

And the office of Lord Chamberlain Responsible for organizing all official events In front of the public, parties in the palace garden, state visits and even royal weddings.

In a 2001 article, the British newspaper “”That details Until 1924 these nobles changed with each governmentIt changed shortly before the first Labor administration, as proposed by George V and agreed by party leaders. Position should be considered above politics And “at the will of the King”, each post shall be accepted by the Prime Minister.

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Thus, Lord Chamberlain became very powerful […] Sambalan was an employee of the Royal House and responded only to sovereignty”, Refers to the middle.

But this does not make your job easier. Sir Andrew Parker already has many challenges On their shoulders. The scandal surrounding Harry and Megan’s interview with celebrity journalist Oprah Winfrey on American television is far from over.

In it, the Duchess of Sussex said some members of the royal family were concerned about the skin color of her first child, Archie, and that she had suicidal thoughts during that pregnancy and accused the Royal House of denying her. Help.

Another thorny issue is that Prince Andrew of England, the second of Elizabeth II’s boys, is under investigation in the United States for pedophilia.

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