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Unanimously Scanian no to ID check

Unanimously Scanian no to ID check

The government has proposed an amendment to the law, effective April 8, that would allow identity checks to be introduced at the border. If it passes, carriers must verify identity documents upon entry by train, ship and bus from abroad. There are already regulations in place regulating entry by air.

In an advisory response from the district of Skåne, the proposal was rejected, according to local media reports.

– That’s not how you approach a region with a population of 4.4 million, regional chairman Karl-Johan Sonsson (M) tells SVT Nyheter Skåne.

Identity checks are a hard blow Towards integration and transition to work in the Øresund region, he asserts. Regional Adviser Henrik Fritson (S) is equally crucial:

– If you want to return to a normal, open northern border, you must learn to deal with crises in ways other than closing borders, he tells Sedsvenskan.

According to the government, the purpose of the amendment is to “maintain law and order and protect national security” due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

The law is proposed to be in place for three years, until April 2025. The same identity checks will apply for a period of six months with the possibility of an extension. The prerequisite is that Parliament can deal with the proposals quickly.

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