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Putin: The blitzkrieg of the West has failed

Putin: The blitzkrieg of the West has failed

Vladimir Putin on Russian television on Wednesday afternoon defended his country’s entry into Ukraine. He said he had no choice but to allow the army into the neighboring country.

“We cannot and will not allow Ukraine to become a springboard for aggression against Russia,” he claimed.

He likens the broad sanctions imposed by the West on Russia to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews.

– The West has lost the mask and all of humanity is behaving in combat.

“It’s not easy now.”

To help during this, in Putin’s words, “the blitzkrieg of Russia and its people,” he also promised higher wages and higher pensions.

– It is not easy for us now, he admits at the same time as he claims that the “blitzkrieg” failed.

He later explained in a video clip posted on social media that Russia has nothing to fear from abroad, as long as the country is united.

– They (Western countries) naturally trust the Book of the Fifth Column, traitors to the nation and those who make their money here but don’t live here.

– But the Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots and traitors, who spit them like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths.

Sanctions “a lesson”

The unobtrusive imprint against the wealthy oligarch who stood or stood behind Putin in many cases continued with unexpectedly harsh words, as the wealthy Putin himself stood on the side of the people.

Putin says he does not judge “those who have villas in Miami or the French Riviera”, nor does he judge those “who cannot live without foie gras and mussels or so-called gender rights” – as long as they are loyal to Moscow.

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– The problem is not there, for without much mental living away from us, with our people, with Russia, the chief said and continued:

It is, in their eyes, belonging to a higher class, a higher race.

Therefore, sanctions are not just evil in Putin’s eyes.

“They are a lesson to Russian companies that there is no one more reliable than investments in the mother country,” the Russian Interfax news agency quoted at a meeting on how the country should help the region hardest hit by the sanctions. .