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Ukraine: Russia launched a ground attack on Kharkiv

Ukraine: Russia launched a ground attack on Kharkiv

Early Friday morning, Russia launched a ground offensive into Kharkiv, Ukraine, advancing one kilometer near the border town of Volyansk. Reports Reuters Quoted from a senior military source.

“At approximately 5:00 am today, the enemy tried to break through the defense line with armored vehicles. So far, these attacks have been repulsed; fighting continues with varying intensity,” the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense wrote.

Kiev sent reinforcements to the region, according to the ministry. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian forces were preparing for a Russian attack in the region.

– The Ukrainian president said in a press conference on Friday that Ukraine responded to them with soldiers, brigades and artillery.

The attack follows Several months of Ukrainian speculation about a Russian ground offensive in May or June.

– Russia is trying to achieve success before Western, especially American, support arrives and could make a difference on the battlefield, says Lieutenant Colonel Jürgen Elfving.

A source told Reuters that Russia aims to advance ten kilometers into Kharkiv to establish a buffer zone.

– Through the buffer zone, a zone will be created in which there will be no Ukrainian units and weapons systems with a range reaching Russian territory. You protect yourself, says Jürgen Elving.

Kharkiv has suffered Recent large-scale Russian attacks with drones and robots. It is, according to Jürgen Elving, most likely an attempt to make the situation unbearable for the population so that the area would be easier to occupy.

Earlier this week, the region's governor, Oleh Sinyhopov, said that Russia had massed its forces in the northern parts of the city of Kharkiv, and that authorities were reportedly “closely monitoring the situation.” Independent Kyiv.

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Ukraine was able to repel Russian forces that attempted to seize Kharkiv in 2022, Reuters writes. After that, Russian soldiers again approached the area near the border with Russia.

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