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Alongside Sweden's match against France, another crucial match was played in Prague, where the bottom teams in Group A fought to retain their place in the first division of the World Cup. It was a clear win for our neighbors to the west, who faced Great Britain in the last match of this year's World Cup.

The Norwegians were already able to take control of the match in the first period, where they managed to get three goals on the scoresheet. Just before halftime, the team brought a power play into the second period, where Michael Brandschek-Nygaard added.

When Norway had to box then, it didn't take long to break the British zero. The second period was then marked by box play for both teams, where it was the English who spent the most time in the penalty box. Perhaps it was the frustration of the cut that was behind the somewhat difficult game.

The final period was very much dominated by shots between the teams, where Great Britain again managed to reduce it to 2-5 with thirteen minutes remaining. However, it was no closer than that, but when the final whistle blew, Norway managed to score three very important points, meaning they avoided relegation.

Great Britain is thus relegated to the Division 1A WC, and the top division Stockholm or Herning will not enter the 2025 World Cup. However, one team that can do that is Norway.

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Updated on May 20, 2024