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UK: The first case of the Manas corona virus variant has been discovered

The first cases of the variant of Manos From (Brazil) Corona virus Are found in UKBritish health officials issued the report this Sunday.

These are six cases, three of which are in the UK and three in Scotland, According to the Public Health Authority of England (PHE) Health Authority.

Experts fear that this variation may have appeared at first Manos Can also be contagious and resistant to given vaccines UK.

Of the three eruptions in the UK, two are similar to the same family in south Gloucestershire (west) in mid-February, before the government imposed restrictions on travelers from that country, but a third were not linked to the trip.

Other cases involve three residents of Scotland Brazil But they stopped inside Paris And London, according to officials. “Identifying this new variant is worrying, but we are taking all possible precautionary measures,” Scottish health official Jean Freeman said Sunday.

Health officials consider the Manas variant to be “worrying” because it shares the same mutations as the identified variant. South Africa, Also considered contagious.


These three infections found in Scotland are not linked to those in the UK. British America has vetoed flights from several countries in South America, Portugal and South Africa, As a way to control the spread of these new species.

British Health Minister Matt Hong Kong announced this Sunday that more than 20 million people have already received the first dose. Covit-19 vaccine In the United Kingdom.

The National Health Service (NHS) vaccines with Pfizer / Bioendech and Oxford / Astrogeneneka products.

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The government has set a target of vaccination, the first of at least two drugs, by April 15 for adults over the age of 50 and by July 31.


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