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UK rejects vaccination of British population before vaccination – Brenza Latin

“Our priority is to protect the British people,” a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Monday.

After confirming that there are no surpluses in the country at this time, a spokesman for the Conservative regime said that the primary goal is to ensure that everyone over the age of 50 is vaccinated against Kovit-19 by mid-April, and to complete the campaign with a total adult population of about 52.7 million by the end of next July.

Once both objectives are met, the British government, which has contracted more than $ 400 million, will consider the best way to distribute the rest, the official said.

In total, the United Kingdom contracted 100 million vaccines to AstraZeneca, 40 million to Pfizer and 17 million to Moderna, with an additional 300 million to other pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline / Sanofi Basher (60 million) and NovaVox (60 million). , Johnson (30), Valneva (100), Curvac (50).

According to official data, more than 30.4 million people have been vaccinated in the country as of this Sunday with products developed by AstraZeneca / Oxford and Pfizer / BioNtech, while the arrival of modules purchased from Moderna is expected in the coming weeks.

Several NGOs, including Save the Children and Wellcome, have asked Johnson to donate the rest to poorer nations as soon as possible.

Voluntary charities said in a letter to the governor last week that the United Kingdom would have enough vaccine surplus to vaccinate all health workers in the world more than twice.

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