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Two cases of measles in Gothenburg

Measles is a highly contagious disease that has been part of the general vaccination program for children since 1980. However, the disease has had outbreaks in Sweden several times in recent years. The last time more than a few isolated cases were discovered was in 2018 when a total of 28 people were infected, but now two children in Gothenburg have fallen ill in no time.

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– Infection tracking and prevention work continues since the first case appeared a few weeks ago. So far, we think there may be a link between the two conditions and that’s why we consider this to be prevalent, says infection control doctor Thomas Wahlberg.

How sick are the two children?

As an infection control doctor, I don’t go into individual cases, but they both sought care and were diagnosed with measles.

Thomas Wahlberg could not answer why the two children lacked vaccinations.

– It’s just that they don’t have it. There is no clear explanation for this.

Those who have been contacted now Infection-tracking procedures tell you to watch for signs of illness such as a high temperature and a rash. If you need to seek care, you should always start by calling. Therefore, people suspected of being infected should avoid spontaneous visits to health centers and emergency rooms.

Healthcare in the Gothenburg region received an informational message about the incident with a request for extra vigilance.