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Continuing criticism of the new system of digital care in Gavleburg

Continuing criticism of the new system of digital care in Gavleburg

As previously reported by Läkartidningen, Min Vård Gävleborg was introduced extensively in the region at the beginning of May. Through this solution, all area residents can digitally request care, around the clock, for primary care, specialist hospital care, and general dental care.

The introduction of the system sparked criticism among many physicians. Among other things, primary care physicians feel that their on-call tasks have changed dramatically and that they are expected to be available in a very different way than before, as they have to deal with digital cases side by side, for example, patients in private accommodations Police cases, or compulsory psychiatric care.

Criticism led Min Care Gävleborg to make a change. During the assessment period through this fall, primary care physicians on call will no longer have to deal with digital prio 2 cases, that is, cases that were not judged urgent enough for the emergency department, but that still need to be answered within ten minutes. Instead, such matters should be sent to emergency centers.

However, something like this happened recently, which led to a discrepancy report.

A doctor on an emergency mission in Yavle was called to a private house where a person died unexpectedly. According to the report, the relatives were present, “confused and upset.” At the same time, the doctor received phone calls from several nursing homes that needed support with assessments.

Then he also received a message on the phone about the status of Prio 2 via Min Vård Gävleborg, which must therefore be dealt with fairly immediately. But the doctor did not manage to connect to the system and open the patient’s case.

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– He frantically tried to login but it didn’t work. We were probably six co-workers, five doctors and a nurse. Helen Björk, MD, the chief operating officer of Halsoscentralen, who provided the report, says it has become very stressful and restless in the relatives’ conversations.

When the doctor failed to connect, the case eventually disappeared into the system. Neither he nor the health center knows what happened to the patient.

– We have no idea what it’s about. We can only hope that the patient has applied urgently, says Helen Bjork.

The city of Halsoscentralen reported aberrations partly due to deficiencies in patient safety, and partly because emergency services were interrupted in their other work. Helen Björk says that doctors’ confidence in the way the area handled my care in Gävleburg is very low.

We believe that the system has not been verified, and that it is in beta, you say.

The digital sponsorship of the working area by the press service of the Javelburg region states that the case was recently received by them and that they are now investigating what happened.

More deviations have been reported regarding Min Vård Gävleborg since the system was introduced widely. In both cases, patients thought the questions were not relevant to their condition, and in one case the patient did not get in touch with the care he should have been promised.

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