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Twitch streaming service suffered a major leak

Twitch streaming service suffered a major leak

Twitch confirms in a statement that inside information has been leaked: “We are working urgently to create an understanding of the extent of this,” the company wrote on Twitter.

An anonymous user posted on 4chan earlier on Wednesday what was said to be a large portion of Twitch’s database. Among the data was information about how much revenue individual creators make on the platform.

The leak was published as a so-called torrent file, which has a size of more than 125 GB. According to the user behind the leak, it includes everything from the service’s source code to information about how much money all of the site’s users have earned on Twitch since 2019.

The leak also contains Information about a competitor that has not yet been released to the game distributor Steam. The post in which the leak was published was removed Wednesday afternoon.

The reason for the leak, according to the user who posted it on 4chan, is to “encourage more competition in the world of live streaming” and what is believed to be a problem with user culture.

The DN read the post on 4chan, but was unable to verify all the content in the database leak. The file is said to be the “first part” in what is implied as a series of information leaks from Twitch.

According to tech website The Verge, The one who validated the leak, it does not contain the user password. However, those who use Twitch are being asked to change their passwords, as it is unclear how much information the person or people behind the leak have obtained.

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One of Sweden’s most flowing The Twitch user is Fredrik “Slop3” Wahlstedt. During the afternoon, continue to report the leak.

– Interestingly, this could happen on most platforms in the quarter, in 2021. At the same time, it’s a sign of concern that a large Amazon-owned company could easily be hacked, Frederic Walstedt tells DN.

The main topic of conversations on social media after the leak is the revenue information for top creators from 2019 onwards. Frederick Walstead thinks at first glance that the unverified numbers still seem quite consistent with the popularity of users.

There’s a reason to keep it secret, not everyone has the same terms on Twitch. I think it will create discussions about what contracts are like with the platform, and the differences in how you treat your partners, says Frederick Walstedt.

Not everyone stands up and says what they have. This is something that is often seen as private, even if anyone can check what you have earned through the Swedish Tax Agency. But basically, what has happened so far is a blow to Twitch as a company, whose classified information has been released.

Frederick Walstedt feels it Currently relatively confident that his account is secure. At the same time, he says that he understands that there are strangers who, based on the leaked material, will try to share information about his activities.

– There may be someone who wants to use this information, so of course you sit and think about what came out. I don’t think it’s anything special, but it seems superfluous that things about the self are in some digital encyclopedia.

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gaming site Video gamesAnd Whoever first reported the leak mentioned that the data may have been downloaded from Twitch as late as Monday.

In recent months, Twitch has faced heavy criticism for not doing enough to sue hate and threats on the platform. Earlier in September, three major broadcasters, RekItRaven, LuciaEverblack and ShineyPen, urged site users to boycott Twitch for 24 hours as criticism of the hate storm on the site.

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