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TV: Lund: “England gets a big advantage” about stopping supporters

The fact that the European Championship 2021 (which was to be played last year) had a special structure did not escape anyone. Following the respective national teams on the site as a supporter is not entirely easy as the epidemic has caused major problems even during trips to different countries.

The semi-finals and finals are all played at Wembley in London – and England have strict rules for entry from many countries. The remaining three semifinals are all on the country’s yellow list, resulting in ten days of isolation after arriving in the country. This means that it is not possible to travel to the UK now to watch matches on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, unless you have previously lived in the UK as a Dane, Italian or Spaniard.

Olof Lund in Photpolscanal believes there is a real benefit to English.

– Now England have a huge advantage, you have to increase the capacity at Wembley, there will be 60,000 in the finals, you do not allow any supporters from Denmark, Italy or Spain because they do not have time to sit in isolation for a long time. It is open to the UK, and there is also criticism that the UK is open to 60,000 visitors as the spread of the epidemic in the UK increases slightly.

While it is certain that the pressure on English players is increasing ahead of the home crowd, Lund believes the positive is far from clear.

– When you meet Denmark it is clear to them, but it will be a bit stressful for many to think that it is obvious to them, but I still think the support of the audience will help them. There weren’t too many people at the Olympic Stadium yesterday, but you could feel it when English took charge. Think about it when it’s 50-60,000… There will be fights on those tickets.

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England played the entire team game and 16 rounds at home. Italy played quarter-finals in Rome, the quarterfinals in England and a quarter in Germany. Denmark also played the entire team game at home, then had to travel to Amsterdam for the quarterfinals and play for the quarterfinals in Baku.

Frida Nortstrand and Olof Lund discuss the semifinals, in the player above.