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Tranus - Heavy rain: "Never seen anything like it"

Tranus – Heavy rain: “Never seen anything like it”

On Monday, heavy rain fell from Great Britain over southern Sweden. SMHI issued warnings – it was raining trance in Smeland in the afternoon.

– We sat and waited to go shopping. At first it started to rain a little. Then the sky just opened. Eva Anderson Westerberg says I have never experienced anything like this.

Eva Anderson Westerberg says the kids swam at a nearby playground.

– It’s a lot of thunder.

More than 100 cases

On Tuesday morning the situation had improved somewhat and water began to sink in some places. Although much work remains to be done for the rescue service, it is now engaged in the task of draining water from roads and homes.

Henrik Nilsson, the rescue chief at Tranas, says he has never experienced anything like this.

– In my twelve years, he says, I have never experienced rain like this.

He says none of the bodies in the water were injured and the rescue service did not have to rescue anyone.

– But it’s material damage. We have persons filling the foundations with water that seeps into the ground. In some places we are talking about a whole site filled with one and a half meters of water, he says.

Many roads have been closed and many foundations flooded. The fire station was also affected.

They had more than 100 alarms and cases were doubling because neighbors often needed help with the recovery service going out of a property. Forty people from the rescue service worked at night.

The bed floated

Numerous properties have been destroyed. The room of Eva Anderson Westerberg’s son’s friend was completely covered with water.

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– His bed is floating now. He lives in the basement, and he calls my son in a panic, “I was able to save the computer, but the bed is floating,” he says.

Currently, no one has been forced to leave and there are no reports of injuries.

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