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Danish fans can see their team at this venue

It is already clear that 60,000 spectators will take part in the remaining matches of the European Football Championship, including the semi-final between the domestic team England and Denmark. However, getting the much-needed support on the stands can be difficult for Dance. However, in a possible final, it will be a little easier.

Due to the strict entry rules currently in place in the UK, Danes will not be able to travel to the country to watch the breathtaking fight on Wednesday. All passengers must be isolated for ten days before being allowed to move freely in the country, meaning the team ends up in the same seat as Sweden did before the quarterfinals in Glasgow. Instead, trust the dance you already have in the country.

The allotment for the Danish team ended in 5,000 tickets, which will be purchased by fans living in the UK. This is comparable to the remaining 55,000 tickets on sale, where the English team has every chance of filling the Wembley arena with its own supporters. Danish national team captain Caspar Hullmond spoke about it after winning the semifinals.
– I hope Boris Johnson will get up and allow several thousand Danish fans. I hope he allows it, says Hullmond.

However, before the possible European Championship final, it will be a little easier. Denmark, against all odds, will be allowed to enter the country under strict rules with the sole purpose of watching 1,000 dancing if they beat England and advance to the final next Sunday. According to the Danish Football Association, the UEFA and the British government allow this arrangement, where fans are in a tough bubble and fly to England on their own plane shortly before the match, then go home immediately.

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Like Denmark, Spain and Italy will have to do it in London without their domestic fans. These countries are also yellow-listed, so you should be isolated as soon as you enter. It remains to be seen whether these countries will have the opportunity to enter the finals of the potential European Championship.

At the same time, the British government allowed sponsors and invited VIP guests to break the rules of segregation.