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Trump launches revenge tour of Ohio

Trump launches revenge tour of Ohio

The performance in Ohio will be Trump’s first campaign rally since the fateful day, when his supporters forcibly entered the Capitol in hopes of preventing members of Congress from formally nominating incumbent President Joe Biden as the election winner.

First out on the revenge tour is Ohio, where he will show his support for former White House staffer, Max Miller, ahead of next year’s congressional elections.

Miller plans to challenge incumbent Republican Representative Anthony Gonzalez, who was one of ten people who voted against Trump.

“We’re going to give them a lot of support,” Trump told conservative TV Newsmax earlier this week. “False Republicans, whoever voted for impeachment doesn’t understand. But there weren’t many. And I think most of them are on their way to reelection now, so it’s okay. I’ll support their opponents,” he said.

And he has his supporters with him. Around lunchtime local time, several hours before the former president’s speech scheduled for the evening, hundreds of people wearing Trump hats and jackets were in Ohio.

The political organization Save America, which was formed to help Trump return to power, announced in a statement that the speech in Ohio is the first of several events to “support candidates and causes that promote MAGA (an acronym for Trump’s slogan. Make America Great Again’).

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