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Trump last night: 'I missed me'

Trump last night: ‘I missed me’

Donald Trump spoke Swedish time in Wellington, Ohio, Saturday evening, during a campaign rally for Max Miller. Trump loyalist Max Miller challenges Anthony Gonzalez to his seat in the House of Representatives. Gonzalez was one of ten House Republicans who voted to oust Trump when he appeared in federal court, charged with inciting the storming of Congress on Jan. 6, when five people died. However, Trump was acquitted – but he has not forgotten Gonzalez.

“He’s a traitor, a fake Republican, and a disgrace to your country,” Trump said during his speech last night.

Trump: ‘Joe Biden is destroying our country before our very eyes’

But the biggest interest in the event revolved around what Trump would say about his position within the Republican Party and his successor in the presidency. He described the Biden administration as a “complete disaster.”

“Joe Biden is destroying our country before our very eyes,” Trump said.

Trump once again criticized Biden for the difficult situation on the border with Mexico:

– It pursues a completely irresponsible policy.

Trump also mocked the vice president.

– Kamala Harris only goes to the border because I said I was going there. Have you been there before? I don’t think so, Trump said.

“Four more years,” the crowd chanted. When Max Miller thanked Trump for the speech, he called him “my greatest role model ever.”

“In 2024, we will elect Donald Trump again,” Miller said.

Trump said he “won the election twice” – while continuing to claim election fraud in the fall despite the lack of evidence – and hinted he might run in 2024.

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“I may need to win a third time,” Trump said.

“Trump’s influence will grow again”

The expected followers had camped out at the site several days ago according to what you mentioned hill.

– A source familiar with the arrangement around the Hill rally said Trump is very keen to get into the heat again.

Trump has been out of the limelight for him for the past six months since he left the White House. The fact that many social media platforms have shut down Trump played a major role in this, according to Republican strategist Bob Hickman.

– I think this has affected his grip on the party, but it only lasts as long as it doesn’t make too much fuss. Bob Hickman says, having gone out on the road again to take part in the campaign trail, at the same time as more articles are written about him and he starts doing more interviews, his influence will increase again.

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