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Trump condemns the prosecution of his company group

Trump condemns the prosecution of his company group

After the first public meeting in Ohio last weekend, it’s time for Sarasota, Florida this week.

“They mustered all the forces within the state apparatus to get to me, my family, my wonderful employees and my company, just because of politics,” Trump claimed to his jubilant supporters at a campaign-like meeting Saturday night, locally. time.

Prosecution in New York

His words refer to the fact that this week, New York prosecutors indicted Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of Donald Trump’s group of companies, the Trump Organization, after suspicions of withholding millions in taxes. Trump earlier described the investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt.

How the case and other lawsuits threatening Trump’s end could affect whether he chooses to run for president in the next election in 2024. Meanwhile, Trump is doing everything he can to maintain and strengthen his electoral audience. “

Thousands gathered early

Already in the afternoon, several hours before Trump’s speech, several thousand people gathered in the area, waving American flags and dressed in the country’s red, white and blue colors.

The event was launched as a celebration on July 4, prior to United States National Day on Sunday, and included fireworks after the president’s speech.

And in a speech last night, he continued to echo the false accusations that he lost the 2020 presidential election due to election fraud. Just as in Ohio a week ago, Trump also urged his supporters to support his allied candidates ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

President Joe Biden also got some real boots from his predecessor, including how Biden handled the wave of immigration at the border with Mexico.

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About 53 percent of Republican voters believe Trump was the real winner of the presidential election and that Biden won because of illegal votes. According to an opinion poll conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Reuters in mid-May.

Former United States President Donald Trump at the podium in Sarasota, Florida. Photo: Jason Behnken/AP/TT