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NEWS DAY: Coop and SJ under global IT attack • Kakabaveh’s 8 demands to save Löfven • 719 people killed in one week in Canada heatwave | News

Collaborate in the global hacker attack

Global hacker attack behind Coop’s cash collapse. Since last Friday, a large portion of the food chain stores have been closed due to their inability to ship.

The New York Times reported that the attack targeted the software provider Cassette in the United States. Hundreds of US companies may be affected.

Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist (Q) is concerned.

– It is very dangerous because it affects people’s daily lives. It covers sectors such as food security and other basic livelihood issues for the way society works, he says To SVT News.

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Government kakabafe list

If Stefan Lofven is re-elected as prime minister, he will likely need the approval of the brutal politician Amina Kakapavi.

On Friday, she handed out an eight-point list so as not to hit the red button in the prime minister’s vote. These include halting welfare gains, restoring defense tax and banning independent religious schools.

– I understand that it is not realistic to overcome all desires. She says, I may be over five.

Amina Kakapavi says she spoke on the phone with Attorney General Morgan Johansson (S) – who, via her press secretary, Simone Sutherberg, welcomes that he declines to comment on the conversation.

Kakabaveh’s list of requirements consists of the following eight items:

Ditch the pursuit of luxury and stop billions from going to venture capitalists.

2. Ending independent religious schools.

3. Elimination of taxes on pensioners with an income of less than 16,000 SEK per month.

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4. Increasing government support for poor regions and municipalities.

5. Evaluate the work of integration and work against the injustice of honor.

6. Deletion of Clause 9 of the January Agreement Not to Work for Prohibition of Profit in Social Welfare.

7. Tax return protection.

8. Return the property tax to the “billionaires”.

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Intense wildfires in Canada

A historic heat wave hit Canada. In Lytton, British Columbia, 49.6 degrees were measured earlier this week – warmer than ever before in the desert city of Las Vegas, USA.

On Wednesday, a violent wildfire engulfed Canadian society, which forced its residents to flee recklessly.

– Embers fell like fireballs. Just the heat… I have blisters on my arm from heat, says Lytton resident Dennis Higgs The Globe and Mail.

It’s unclear how many people died during the heat wave, but according to the court in British Columbia, 719 people died in the area last week – about 500 more deaths than expected in a normal summer week, according to the Guardian.

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