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Today, ETC ends its collaboration with Kajsa Ekis Ekman

The text in question was published on Sunday on the newspaper’s front page with the headline: Why are the Kyiv Independent’s Nazi contacts accepted?

In it, Kagsa Ekis Ekman criticized the Ukrainian news site Kyiv The Independent She is accused of having links with the Nazis.

The text sparked great debate, among other things criticizes the leadership side of DN Cagsa Equis Ekman.

Choose ETC now today To end every collaboration with the freelance writer – but the magazine still stands alongside publishing.

– It’s a controversial editorial and I still think it falls under what can be published. I understand the criticism, says editor-in-chief Andreas Gustafsson, it gets into Putin’s narrative.

He says that there are no factual errors in the text. But he himself did not write it “in this way” or “categorically raise arguments.”

The decision to end collaboration with Kajsa Ekis Ekman is entirely about how she deals with the fallout from this controversial text. What happened after publication is that she, in individual comments on social media, goes out and completely downplays the atrocities that Russia Today (Russian state propaganda channel, editor’s note) revealed to the world. It will be the last straw for me, says Gustafson.

as he says That the text design and, according to Gustafson’s hateful statements on social media, are related. But even without the text, a similar statement on social media would have been enough to tear the collaboration apart, according to Gustafson.

How does this incident affect the credibility of the newspaper and your credibility as editor-in-chief?

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– It is entirely up to the readers and our staff to make the decision.

On Monday night, Kagsa Ikes Ekman commented on Tours about her script in an Instagram post. She describes the text as a “classic digging job” on “how Swedish newspapers collaborated with a newspaper whose staff was at the front with the Nazi Azov Battalion”. According to Ekes Ekman, Andreas Gustafsson wrote “well that’s” about the text he sent her on Thursday. Then Kajsa Ekis Ekman claimed she had not heard anything else before receiving an email on Monday that she had “violated a limit”.

She also commented on the statement regarding RT and says that it was a discussion about whether or not politicians should be criticized for their willingness to give RT interviews.

She writes, “From second to second, they can throw one out after 10 years without even looking in the eye.”

DN is looking for Kajsa Ekis Ekman.