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Prosecutors are investigating the battery fire

Prosecutors are investigating the battery fire

The alarm about the fire at the battery depot in Karlskoga came at 01.27 p.m. Monday and the VMA, an important message to the public, was issued due to the development of strong smoke. There were also large roadblocks around the warehouse.

Several police units were at the scene during the night to assist the rescue service. At three o’clock the fire was under control, but the rescue service was still working on the site.

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We left at 5 a.m., but will return when the rescue service is ready to conduct a crime-scene investigation, when it is safe to operate in the area, says Kristina Hallen, a police press spokeswoman in Bergslagen.

The police opened an investigation into public negligence. According to Christina Hallen, the management of the preliminary investigation has now been taken over by prosecutors at the National Environmental Objectives Unit.

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According to P4 Värmland, thousands of tons of batteries remain in the warehouse, after the responsible company went bankrupt. Tony Ring (M), Karlskoga municipal councilor, told the radio that he takes the incident seriously:

– Now it seems urgent that this be clarified, but this is a much discussed issue and specifically the problem of collecting so much battery waste in one place – partly you have the overall environmental impact since the rescue service said there is an imminent danger of it starting to burn because there are some The voltage in these battery blocks.

Last week, a political decision was made that the company would begin shipping batteries.

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