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Tiktok invested 0 million on the hashtag – and it got 200 billion views

Tiktok invested $400 million on the hashtag – and it got 200 billion views

When we think about social media, there are four use cases that channels are used for today – personal updates, inspiration, entertainment, and marketing. But recently, another group has gained increasing attention from users – informational and educational content.

Last week, we wrote about ST Dr. Tracy Ghattas who is spreading health information to the younger generation on TikTok with great success. It seems that the interest in learning new things and getting new information has recently increased on TikTok in particular.

Content containing the hashtag #learnontiktok, as well as its Swedish equivalent #lärdigpåtiktok, are rapidly growing hashtags today. according to summary The number of views of the English hashtag currently amounts to more than 200 billion, and the Swedish hashtag has about 200 million views.

But interest in this type of content did not come out of nowhere. Hashtags were actually launched by Tiktok, which just wanted to give more space to knowledge-related content on its platform. To lay a foundation for publishing content on this topic, Tiktok has invested $50 million, about 440 million kroner, in a fund so that experts, educators and organizations can start creating educational and information-rich content.

Something that turned out to be a successful project. Users quickly picked up on the idea and soon other users started using the hashtags.

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