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Through its integrated review, the UK is defining its role globally for the next ten years

The so-called Integrated Review proposes an action plan that seeks to address the changes in the world that will be decisive in the coming years., Exemplifying foreign policy and national security approach, country in detail.

“The purpose of this integrated review is to make the UK stronger, safer and more prosperous after the Cold War and to uphold our values,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the British Parliament.

These are the key points of the project Addressing global challenges, investing in science and technology, strengthening security, promoting free trade and being a positive force in the world, Among others.

For his part, the British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Robb emphasizes the importance of this project to strengthen every step of the country with a sense of unity.

“From our inventors to our entrepreneurs, from our diplomats and aid professionals, to our brave armed forces, to everyone involved in providing a global UK, we share a sense of solidarity that we are part of a shared planet,” he said.

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