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Three nominations for Swedish Radio for Stora Journalistpriset – Press information

The Swedish Radio nominations apply to the documentary series Traitorous Care Aide, Vipeholmsanstalten, which was nominated Narrator of the Year, and Reportage and Computer Journalism on Bank Leaks were nominated in the Creator of the Year category.

– It’s very interesting for our employees to notice this way. Congratulations to all the nominees and we will be keeping our fingers crossed for all of you at the Awards Gala later this year, Sheila Pinko, CEO of Swedish Radio.

Many collaborations between Ekot and P1 have been nominated for documentaries in recent years and have won numerous awards multiple times.

It is so exciting that the concept of success with this collaboration continues to deliver journalism at an all-time high. It’s also interesting to see that Ekot’s investment in computer journalism is now getting attention in this way with nominations for Sweden’s First Prize for Journalism, he says Björn Lovedal, Program Director at Swedish Radio.

narrator of the year
Both series are a collaboration between Ekot and P1 Dokumentär.

Joanna Siovall and Magnus Arvidson Traitor care assistant
Listen here:

Randy Musigye Norheim, Magnus Arvidson and Thomas Kanger “Vipeholmsanstalten”
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Creator of the year

Sven Carlson and Sasha Granberg in Ekot for ‘bank leaks’
Listen to the first part of the review here:

For more information about the Journalist Grand Prize and other nominees:

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