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Scandinavian cooperation to increase crisis preparedness

Scandinavian cooperation to increase crisis preparedness

subscriber statment Nordic prime ministers promise to deepen cooperation in crisis preparedness. It is about preparing for all kinds of emergencies and crises, for example, about securing clean water at the taps, access to food, medical equipment and medicine, but also about securing digital jobs and financial infrastructure during crises.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin emphasized at a joint press conference in Copenhagen that the COVID-19 pandemic underlined the importance of supply security and preparedness.

Nordic Prime Ministers will hold a summit in Copenhagen related to the session of the Nordic Council. Sweden is represented by Foreign Trade Minister Anna Hallberg (S), who is responsible for Nordic issues in the Swedish government.

This crisis has shown how important the close dialogue we have had among the Nordic countries is, but we also need stronger Nordic cooperation before decisions that seriously affect our border regions and Nordic integration, she says.

“Historical Challenge”

The Danish Mette Frederiksen emphasized that no one wants border barriers between Nordic countries in a normal situation:

The epidemic was a historical challenge. Since we are now in a better position, we must learn from our experiences. We must be better prepared for future crises. We are sure more crises will come, we don’t know which ones yet, but we must be prepared.

She also emphasized the green vision of Scandinavian cooperation. In nine years, 2030, the Nordic countries will be “the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.”

Newly appointed Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre stressed that the goal now is to return to normal. This must be clearly indicated, so that the people of the North regain confidence in the openness of the North, he believes.

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fair adjustment

Icelandic Prime Minister Catherine Jakobsdottir believes Scandinavian cooperation has proven robust during the pandemic, although there is much to learn before the next crisis.

It also highlighted the Nordic region as a pioneer in the green transition.

Jakobsdóttir said – We here share the position that change must be just and socially equitable.