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This is how you can easily grow your own lucky bamboo – indoors and without soil

This is how you can easily grow your own lucky bamboo – indoors and without soil

This is how you can easily grow your own lucky bamboo – indoors and without soil

Lucky Bamboo is also called Lucky Bamboo or dracaena. – Image: Pexels / Illustration Nyheter24

Lucky bamboo is a fun and cute plant that works well in many homes. Here is a simple guide on how to grow lucky bamboo indoors.

You need that to grow lucky bamboo

  • Lucky bamboo stems.
  • A pot or container large enough to hold the stems and roots.
  • Fresh stones or pebbles.
  • water.

How to grow lucky bamboo at home

  1. Select container: The clear glass vase allows you to see the roots and make sure the water stays clear. Also, make sure the vase is deep enough to hold the stems.
  2. Rinse the stones: If you are using stones or gravel, wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt.
  3. Arrangement of rocks and stems: Place the rocks in the bottom of the container and insert the Lucky Bamboo stems into the rocks. You can arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  4. add the water: Fill the pot with enough water to cover the roots. It is preferable to use filtered or distilled water because tap water can contain chemicals that can harm the plant.
  5. Put in the right place: Place Lucky Bamboo in a location with indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves.
  6. maintenance: Change the water every one to two weeks to keep it clean and clear. If you notice any signs of rotting, cut off the damaged portion with scissors.
  7. Fertilizer: Although not necessary, you can apply a weak solution of liquid indoor plant fertilizer about every two months if you like.
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Other tips for growing lucky bamboo

  • Be careful when handling the stems, as they can break easily.
  • If you want to create shapes or spirals, you can use wire or sticks to guide the growth. This should be done at the very beginning, when the plant is still young and flexible.
  • Monitor your lucky bamboo for signs of disease or pests, and treat if necessary!

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