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Why would Gefle Dagblad allow gross lying?  – Gevel Dagblad

Why would Gefle Dagblad allow gross lying? – Gevel Dagblad

As far as I know, the first measurements started sometime in the 19th century! Just one example: How hot was it when the asteroid that killed the giant lizards 66 million years ago crashed off Mexico?

you are right At this current time, the climatic situation is not the worst on the planet, as claimed in a recent discussion article. You’re right that it was worse 66 million years ago when the dinosaurs were wiped out after an asteroid hit the planet, among other things. It completely changed the direction of development.

The researchers, including those from Lund, were able to see how the Earth was first cooled by all the dust, and then how the extreme greenhouse climate developed when the gases from the impact remained in the atmosphere. The mass extinction occurred in just one year. The researchers were also able to study the effects of powerful earthquakes that occurred across the Earth in connection with the asteroid impact. Because of the earthquakes, huge tsunamis were created that flowed over the continents.

I suspect the authors of the corresponding article meant that at the beginning of July the highest average temperature our planet has seen since measurements began in the nineteenth century was measured. It was a mistake on our part not to notice.

Katharina Akpong

Editor in Chief

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