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This is how the Women’s U18 WC 2024 is played – across all categories

This is how the Women’s U18 WC 2024 is played – across all categories

Updated on September 5, 2023

The U18 WC for the women’s national team will be played in early 2024, where Sweden is part of Switzerland’s top division. Below we list the dates and host countries for all divisions in the U18 system.

In January, when most divisions of the Women’s U18 World Cup will be played in Switzerland, among others, the Swedish U18 national team will continue its excellent participation in the environment after the silver victory at home. Ă–stersund last winter. In terms of players born in 2006 and later playing for the title in the U18 WC, Sweden is in the first division.

For many countries, it’s not about a World Cup title, at least not the absolute top spot, as many divisions are played in the International Ice Hockey Federation’s World Cup system. Group B includes countries such as Japan, France and Denmark, and further down the hierarchy we see, Great Britain, Turkey, Iceland and South Africa. Below we list all the divisions in the U18 system on the women’s side and the participants for 2024.

Division A is divided into two groups, the other divisions and tables are played with six teams each, where all teams face each other to make promotions and relegations after the final table is decided.

Section A

Played in Zug (Switzerland) on January 6-14, 2024.
Participating Teams:
Group A – Canada, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic
Group B – USA, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland

Section 1A (B-WC)

Date and venue not determined.
Participating Teams:
Japan, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, France, Austria.

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Section 1B

Played from 8-14 January 2024 in Jaca, Spain.
Participating Teams:
Spain, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Australia.

Section 2A

Played from 15-21 January 2024 in Heerenveen, Netherlands.
Participating Teams:
China, Latvia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Turkey, Kazakhstan.

Section 2B

Played January 8-14 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Participating Teams:
Mexico, Bulgaria, Belgium, Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa.