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This is how the European Union should open up - vaccine passports are getting closer

This is how the European Union should open up – vaccine passports are getting closer

Too much wire? It’s not uncommon for a bunch of false cords to be scattered somewhere. But what happens if you remove the cord completely? HP Sweden is exploring this with its latest sustainability project.

Does anyone say that HP might have pictured multiple characters on one of its tech gadgets, such as a laptop, printer, or computer screen. Something that you may not be aware of is how, as leading technology companies, they are at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability for planet, society and people. They are actively working with the issues to reduce its impact on the climate but also to create sustainable jobs for their employees.

Jenny Gustafson, HP Sweden’s Desktop & Display Product Manager, runs one Sustainability projects Which can greatly reduce our environmental impact in the long run to remove the rope.

– For every computer monitor we sell, a power cable, an HDMI cable, a USB cable, and a display port cable are included. We realized we could remove all of those wires except for the power cord because most people reuse their wires. It’s basically a simple business, says Jenny Gustafson, but it makes a big difference in the long term.

Say goodbye to 44.5 tons of cables a year in Sweden

The pilot study they’re currently conducting is mainly focused on companies that need computer monitors. When the company orders new monitors, it can choose whether to skip the three cables completely or choose to add one as needed.

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– You don’t have to have, say, 100 cables if you only need 20 pieces. Jenny Gustafson says 80 cables now don’t even need to be manufactured or shipped from our factories.

In the current study, cables were removed from the five best-selling HP products. If in 2021 they sold on average as many screens as they did in the previous three years, they would save 44.5 tons of cable, and that’s just Sweden.

– It’s an incredible environmental saving, and then that’s only for five screens and in one country. Think about the result when we deliver the solution worldwide and on all 45 computer monitors, says Jenny Gustafsson.

Power cable then?

Even for cable that is still being wired, sustainable steps have been taken and the wire is currently made of PVC and halogen free plastic.

– What kind of material is in the rope is something you haven’t thought about before, in the same way you talk about environmentally hazardous plastics in toys, we must review the materials we use in our technology. We removed PVC a long time ago in computers, and now we also do that in the power cord. Switching to a better material makes a big difference – especially when it’s a manufacturer as big as us.

In general, we notice that our customers, especially the younger generation, are becoming more environmentally conscious and we want to be prepared to meet their requirements. Among other things, our goal is that by 2025, all of our products will contain at least 30 percent of recycled plastic. In fact, we already have the most sustainable PC lineup in the world today with our testimonials, says Jenny Gustafson.

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HP’s vision for sustainability

HP’s vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere – every person, organization, and community around the world; Make HP the world’s fairest and sustainable technology company.

Read about their sustainability business here