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Government gives green light to recognize GMB union

Government gives green light to recognize GMB union

British subsidiary of UNI Global Union, GMB Today the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC), the UK government body responsible for regulating collective bargaining between workers and employers, ruled in favor of an application for a union recognition referendum at GMB's Coventry warehouse. That means Amazon workers are one step closer to Europe's first recognized trade union in retail.

UNI Global Union Trade Leader Matthias Bolton said: “Today marks an important moment for the rights of Amazon workers at Amazon. The UK Government's approval of GMB's application for union recognition in Coventry is a historic step in empowerment. This victory gives companies like Amazon the opportunity to influence their working conditions and their lives.” It underscores the important role of accountability where workers' voices are heard and respected.”

GMB Senior Organizer Amanda Kierng said:

“Since day one of the GMB, it has been a modern-day battle between David and Goliath for trade union rights in the Amazon.

“A year later, it was a truly historic moment when workers stood up against the company's relentless anti-union campaign.

“Workers have won against all odds and will now have the legal leverage to form Europe's first recognized trade union at Amazon.

“Amazon executives have received a clear and unequivocal message from their own employees that they refuse to accept poverty wages and unsafe working conditions; they demand dignity at work and a union that represents them”.

The development comes after a major labor mobilization at Amazon's Coventry site that has boosted union membership for more than a year.

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Calls for unionization at Amazon UK are part of a wider global movement. In November, the GMB joined international unions to stage strikes and protests on Black Friday under the slogan “Make Amazon Pay”. This global campaign, convened by the UNI Global Union, underscores the widespread demand for better working conditions and fair treatment of Amazon employees around the world.

The UNI Global Union represents more than 20 million workers in 150 countries and is driven by the responsibility to ensure that skilled and service jobs are decent jobs and that workers' rights are protected, including the right to union representation and the right to collective bargaining.