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This is how savers spent the fund in April

This is how savers spent the fund in April

We see a continued focus on exposing oneself to the global recovery. Although the United States of America is the largest economic and capital market in the world, the saver in global funds deals with more countries and economies. The Global Fund is a good alternative to balanced savings. The world is listed on a stock exchange, and this class of funds means savers can participate in the value growth that is occurring outside Sweden’s borders, says Niklas Anderson, a savings economist at Avanza.

Swedish funds also end up overbought.

The reporting season we are in now is witnessing an impressive recovery for many companies. Both compared to last year and compared to the expectations that were in the market. This gives the Stockholm Stock Exchange and thus financing Sweden the energy, says Niklas Anderson of Avanza.

At Nordnet, Investmentbolag’s Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag tops the buying list.

Savers’ love for investment companies can also be seen in money purchases. Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag has become a thing of the institution in many savers’ portfolios, as have investment companies in general. They now feature low discounts and high premiums, and I think you should think carefully before purchasing a premium company. But the fund offers risk diversification, and investment firms as such are still a very good investment idea, says Frida Pratt, Nordnet savings economist.

Nordnet savers are also refueling emerging market funds.

Many emerging markets are lagging behind in recovery, which could mean that there is more to recover there. On the other hand, savers sell pure Chinese funds. Frida Pratt says there are concerns about the withdrawal of stimuli in China, at the same time that the technological cold during the spring has hit hard against Chinese technology companies.

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However, when it comes to tech funds, the interest has diminished somewhat.

New technology funds have been in the buying summit, and have achieved very good returns, especially last year. However, in April, we see a slight trend of interest declining. Savers have been stuck with them for a long time, Frida Pratt says despite the cyclical turns, but we may now be witnessing the beginning of the shift.

The sales list also includes money focused on climate and renewable energy.

Renewable energy went like a train last fall, but because development has now slowed instead, the interest of savers has waned as well, says Frida Pratt.

Avanza also sees the same trend.

For the second month in a row, we see savers taking some profits in the favored category and have risen sharply in the last year. Avanza’s Niklas Anderson says rebalancing here is totally according to the textbook.

Most bought via Avanza Bestseller via Avanza
Sweden funds Green energy boxes
Global Funder Technical funds
Blandfounder Asia Fund
Europaunder Environmental funds
North America contemplates energy
Most were bought via Nordnet Bestseller via Nordnet
Spiltan Aktiefond Investmentbolag BGF Global Energy
LÀnsförsÀkringar World Index Franklin Natural Resources
Swedenbank Robur nee Technic BGF Global Finance
LÀnsförsÀkringar TillvÀxtmarknad IndexnÀra BNP Paribas Energy Transition
Swedishbank site Robor access to Asia Thematica – Navigating the Future
Öhman Ethical Emerging Markets JPM China
Spiltan RĂ€ntefond Sverige Othman Bond Fund
AMF Aktiefond SmÄbolag GAM Multistock China Evolution
DNB Global Index Nordia Fund India
USA SPP Equity Fund Nordia Climate Fund
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