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This is how Boris Johnson wants to conquer Britain in four steps

This is how Boris Johnson wants to conquer Britain in four steps

Finance and payroll jobs are something all companies need to have, but they don’t always pay to have separate management. In many cases, companies can instead benefit from outsourcing the department and saving time that can instead be put to work. At the same time, access to the latest skills and technology is secured.

As many companies struggle to retain customers and find new customers, it is more important than ever to spend time on their business and cut down on time-consuming operations. Internal functions increase costs for both systems and employees, and outsourcing finances and payroll can be a good strategic option for companies that want to be able to spend more time on their core business.

Accountor is one of the largest full-service agencies in Northern Europe in finance, payroll and human resources and helps companies take advantage of the latest technology in the field in order to one step ahead of their competitors. The company does this by simplifying and automating customer flows and business methods.

We are a modern digital agency that invests a lot of time in making it easy for our customers through technology such as robots and artificial intelligence solutions that create high quality and reliable. This means that clients can instead build their relationships and better understand their business, says Magnus Högvall, Accountor CEO.

Comprehensive offer

As a one-stop shop in payroll and finance, Accountor can, among others, handle corporate payroll management, accounting, and electronic invoice management, but also provide ongoing qualified advice and hire employees. Magnus Högvall says that using this is a good strategy if you want to reduce costs and risks.

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By outsourcing jobs, the management and the company get more time to focus on their operations, accessing more modern technologies without the need to make big investments or carry out massive carryover projects. You gain access to expertise, so there’s no need for an expensive, costly hiring with all that handing and operating entails. I would say Outsourcing is a good way to avoid large costs and risks in the future while at the same time providing more opportunity for management to focus on developing the company and the business.

Personal relationships in focus

In addition to helping companies focus on their customers, Accountor places great value on building and maintaining its own relationships with clients. Magnus Högvall explains that despite the fact that they use automation and artificial intelligence, they make up a large part of their offering.

In the end, people are the ones who discover many things and can be proactive that no robots can replace. Modern technology raises the quality and creates the security that provides the basis on which the relationship between the client and the advisor can be built. Robots also make costs more predictable in delivery, which also contributes to increased confidence.

When Covid-19 began spreading in Sweden and started receiving daily information about grants and crisis packages, we noticed how important our staff was in supporting our customers. It concluded that they were able to explain how the metrics work and are used for their company, which was really appreciated.

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