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The British movie that everyone talks about

The British movie that everyone talks about

Just over a week ago, the British film “Cordelia” was premiered.

The movie has been hugely popular last month – due to its digital movie recordings.

“I honestly think I’ve never seen this this way before,” wrote one person in a widely circulated Twitter post.

Misunderstanding about the movie

The photo shows Northern Irish actress Antonia Campbell Hughes pushing a man, opposite actor Johnny Flynn, against a wall.

An intimate position that made many on social media interact afterwards, according to the rule, it seems that gender roles have been reversed, with women taking the lead.

“Oh my God I didn’t stop looking at the picture.”, Writes a user on Twitter.

“Looks like this is my cup of tea, a movie with a dominant woman and not a dominant man”Post writes.

‘Sexually dominant woman’

Moreover, everyone assumed, at first glance, that the movie happened at the turn of the century in 1900 due to the clothes of the actors, the wallpaper in the background and the colors.

But you couldn’t be more mistaken.

The movie is a psychological thriller that is set in the present day.

“I honestly thought Cordelia was a drama about a period of a sexually dominant woman, based on the picture, and it looks like I’m not alone in that. But we’re all wrong. It’s a modern horror movie?” Someone writes disappointed on Twitter.

“Cordelia” is directed by Adrian Shergold and it is about a woman named Cordelia and her sister Caroline. The two sisters live together in an apartment in central London. When Cordelia’s sister leaves, Cordelia meets her neighbor Frank, the man in the photo, after which everything gets derailed.

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And the disappointment on social media, because it wasn’t a movie about a sexually dominant woman, she wasn’t generous …