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They will sit on Donald Trump's jury

They will sit on Donald Trump's jury

Donald Trump.

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Former President Donald Trump is on trial in New York on charges of accounting violations related to hush money payments. Trump denies these accusations.

Twelve people are scheduled to participate in the jury, with six other people as potential alternatives.

It started off smoothly with jury selection. No juror may be sworn in on the first day in court.

But on Tuesday, seven jurors were sworn in before Judge Juan Merchan.

But now two of them have been removed.

Therefore, they must leave the jury

For juror number four, a man, it was because he had previously been arrested by police and had not been forthcoming about the matter during the jury trial.

As for the second juror, a woman, she indicated that after thinking about the matter, she thought she might find it difficult to be impartial during the trial. Dozens of jury candidates have already been disqualified because they said they would face the same problem.

After much back and forth, seven jury members were selected on Thursday, meaning the jury is now complete.

– We have our jury, says Judge Juan Merchan.

Six other people are now scheduled to be selected as potential replacements.

“I hope we can finish this tomorrow,” says Juan Merchan.

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