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Details: Israeli attack on targets in Iran

Details: Israeli attack on targets in Iran

The information came first from unnamed American sources, and then also from Iranian and Israeli officials. Pictures spread on social media showed explosions in the sky of the city of Isfahan in central Iran.

In Isfahan, there are facilities related to the country's nuclear program, but according to Iranian state television, they are said to be “not damaged at all,” which is confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Many flights over Iran were diverted or canceled early in the morning. At 06:30 Swedish time, air traffic resumed.

Iranian statements: No “foreign attack”

Iranian state media, citing the military and sources, reported that air defenses shot down a number of small drones near Isfahan, called quadcopters. At the same time, anonymous sources claimed that there had been no “foreign attack on Iranian cities.”

An unnamed senior Iranian official later told Reuters that there were no plans for a retaliatory attack. He described who was behind the incident as unclear.

Syrian official media also claimed during the morning that Israel attacked the southern parts of the country during the night.

The Israeli army did not comment on the data.

Pictures from Isfahan this morning, published by Iranian media via the Associated Press news agency, show calm after reports of an attack. picture: Tasnim News Agency via Associated Press

The alleged response to the previous Iranian attack

The information about the Israeli attack comes after Iran attacked Israel on Sunday night with hundreds of drones and robots. Israel had previously announced that it would respond forcefully to the attack.

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Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian had previously said in an interview that any attack by Israel would lead to an “immediate and maximum” response from Iran.