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They both have Asperger's - so Anne and Boo got...

They both have Asperger’s – so Anne and Boo got…

Both have gone to the wall on tours because they have tied the knot on themselves to try to read the codes correctly and work in practical life and social contexts. But in front of each other, Anne and Boss Johnson could always lower their guard and avoid feeling like they’re playing a game.
Photo: Bo Johnson

Each has its own room – and very clear communication without implied messages.

These are two of the tricks that kept Ann and Boss Johnson, who both suffer from Asperger syndrome, staying together for almost 50 years.

Sometimes I feel like throwing Bosse off, I have to admit, because he can be very introverted. But we feel incredibly secure in our ability to be completely ourselves in front of each other and not have to hide ourselves and have always found our way to each other, says Ann.

It’s Tuesday morning, and married couple Ann and Boss Johnson, 63 and 65 respectively, have been cleaning the kitchen table in the four-room apartment in Valentuna, north of Stockholm. They eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. Boss, who has just retired from his job as an IT engineer, wants a hard, soft sandwich with a milkshake and cereal to start the day and takes an egg and two sandwiches for lunch. Anne, who is on sick leave from her job in Folkbokf√∂ringen due to exhaustion, prefers a sandwich for breakfast and repeats it in the middle of the day.

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