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Infection tracing of tuberculosis cases in dental care in Kiruna

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  • Posted: 2022-05-02
  • source: Norrbotten District

Norrbotten began tracking the infection after a worker in a public dental care in Kiruna was found to have contagious tuberculosis.

The risk of infecting someone is small but non-existent. The exposure time for patients was short, says infection control doctor Anders Nestedt.

As usual, infection tracing continues between staff and patients the staff member has come into contact with. Young children are at risk of infection and are therefore primarily tested. Based on this result, it is decided whether extended control should take place in the circles surrounding the patients.

Journalists who wish to contact Anders Nystedt send their phone number via email [email protected]

contact person

Name: Anders Nestedt
Job Title: Infection Control Doctor
Switchboard: 0920-28 40 00

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