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They are panic changing the Corona strategy after the storm



Infection is rife and hospitals are already on the verge of collapse.

But after a storm of popularity, politicians are forced to panic to change a tougher strategy.

“We are moving on to what Italy and New York went through a year ago,” Rajiv Singhal, chief surgeon at a Toronto hospital, wrote on Twitter.

This weekend, Aftonbladet wrote about the third wave that has hit Ontario, Canada’s most populous province with a population of 14 million, which includes Toronto and the capital, Ottawa.

At present, there are just over 4,000 new infections per day. Relatively modest numbers in a Swedish comparison, but it is feared that this is only the beginning.

Models have shown that the number of infections could double within a few months and authorities have estimated that as many as 1,800 patients may need intensive care at the end of May.

Even now, healthcare is hard to try. Currently, more than 2,400 COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospitals. This is 700 more than it was when the second wave was at its worst.

The county’s prominent public health expert, Adalstein Brown, gave a chilling warning to residents in a TV interview on Friday.

Healthcare in Ontario is on the verge of collapse with more than 2,400 hospitalized patients and 4,000 new infections daily.

Healthcare in Ontario is on the verge of collapse with more than 2,400 hospitalized patients and 4,000 new infections daily.

Adults are admitted to the Children’s Hospital

He said, among other things, that hospitals are no longer functioning normally and are on the verge of collapse. One of the measures of the crisis is the admission of adult patients to the Children’s Hospital.

This has never happened in Ontario before. Adalstein Brown told CTV that he’s never been in Canada before.

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In a desperate attempt to reverse the trend, the authorities decided a series of tougher restrictions that came into effect on Saturday.

Measures include border controls against neighboring provinces to stop socially unimportant trips, imposing extended curfews for non-important matters and access to work and stricter rules for the many customers that socially important stores may receive.

Photo: Cole Burston / TT News

York area residents line up to get a vaccine against Corona. Kelly Steptoe hugs her mother, Patricia Nind.

Two of the restrictions have been met with heavy criticism, and politicians are now backing up despite fear of completely losing control of the rampant contagion.

Most of the attention has been paid to the increased authorities of the police to randomly stop motorists and pedestrians on the streets. According to the decision, residents will be required to show their identity and state the purpose of being outside and not in their homes.

– If you don’t cooperate, you are breaking the law and you could be fined, ” Sylvia Jones, Ontario’s Minister of Law and Order, said at a press conference. It states the Toronto Sun..

Human rights activists, the general public, and the police in the province’s cities agreed that the decision was a bad one. Just hours after the politicians announced, police in both Toronto and Ottawa came out and said they had no intention of using their expanded powers.

Sylvia Jones was forced to hold a new press conference as she announced that the decision had been withdrawn.

Photo: Ryan Remiorz / TT NEWS AGENCY

Police in the face of a woman protesting the curfew.

Great anger despite the panic change

The county government, led by Prime Minister Doug Ford, has also been forced to withdraw the decision to close all stadiums – which would have dealt a severe blow to all the stressful parents who already live under restrictions requiring them to stay home most of the time. .

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It took less than two days before the prime minister succumbed to the storm and wrote on Twitter that the stadiums could reopen.

Photo: Nathan Denette / TT NEWS AGENCY

Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The criticism is intense for the government, which is accused of not taking the infection case seriously before it is too late.

“It was a horrible and eventful day. We are entering what Italy and New York went through a year ago. I cannot understand how we ended up in this Ontario now. None of those places had any warning. We’ve spent a year preventing this,” writes Rajiv Singhal, chief surgeon at a hospital in Toronto, tweeted.

He also warns that intensive care units may soon need to screen patients who need care, to give priority to those with a higher chance of survival.

We have been warning about this for months. The prospect of triage into intensive care now appears, which seemed like a theoretical possibility a few weeks ago. We are ready, but that will be heartbreaking, ”Rajiv Singhal wrote.

At the same time, nurses in iva warn that the lack of compensation for income lost due to sick leave in the county means that many people, including hospital staff, are coming to their jobs despite showing symptoms.

Many people do not have sick compensation and will go to their jobs ill, says nurse Birgit Umaigba To CTV.

– They will spread the infection and we will see a tidal wave of people on iva. We don’t have the capacity or number of employees to handle everyone.

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She herself had to isolate herself twice after suspected symptoms of the Coronavirus. You have never received compensation.

Photo: Nathan Denette / TT NEWS AGENCY

2,400 people in the province receive care in Covid-19 hospitals. Here, a nurse in the ICU at Humber River Hospital in Toronto takes care of a 47-year-old critically ill woman.

Alerts about low sickness compensation

Doug Ford’s government has repeatedly blocked disease benefit proposals in the province. Those who do not have private health insurance can apply for federal arrears compensation. The maximum is just over 3,000 SEK per week and is paid for a maximum of four weeks.

In order to increase vaccination and ease criticism of labor paralysis, Ontario decided late Sunday to reduce the age of anyone who could get the Astra Zeneca vaccine from 55 to 40 years old.

Doug Ford and his county are now also receiving aid from the federal government after this weekend’s emergency call about the situation in healthcare. Authorities have estimated that 4,000 additional nurses will be needed in the coming months. Essentially you need care staff with experience in intensive care.

We are mobilizing federal medical staff from different parts of the public sector to help on the front lines in Ontario and especially Toronto where the situation is most dangerous. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are provinces that have managed their healthcare capabilities and have the opportunity to help others.


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